Extend a Caring Hand

The children have been the worst affected by the war in Sri Lanka. They have suffered both the loss of their near and dear ones but also lost years of education and the skills and the opportunities it brings.

Many of them are lost in the real sense of the word. Some have lost their families and many have lost their limbs. However, what they have not lost is the spirit and the determination to stand on their own legs. For that they need a leg-up from others – a caring hand to reassure them, a caring hand to soothe their worried brows, a caring hand to reassure them in their sorrows and a caring hand that will let them know that they are not alone in the world.

How can the privileged British Tamil Community alleviate the suffering of these Sri Lankan Tamils?

This where Lotus Caring Hands (LCH) comes in:

We identify projects and organisations that offer creative and sustainable solutions over a long period.  After exercising due diligence we select Partner Organisations in Sri Lanka and work with them on 3 programmes:

1. Education for youth & children

2. Emergency Relief & Disaster Preparedness

3. Orphans and Child Welfare

However, our contributions are not enough; we need the wholehearted support from the British Tamil Community in our carefully selected charities.

So go ahead and make a positive contribution to the lives of these people.

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